How a Financial Makeover can Change Your Life


Having a personal financial plan is important. But you may be asking yourself how much of a difference can it really make? Below you will see before and after snapshots of how applying the step-by-step principles in this personal finance kit dramatically changed the life of a family much like yours and mine.

Bob is a 26 year old advertising executive. His 23 year old wife, Sarah, stays home with their two children Emma, age 2, and John, age 4. For years, they tried to get on top of their finances and make plans for their future. They finally agreed that they needed a comprehensive personal financial plan to help them get on the right path to financial success. Here is a personal finance snapshot of their lives before putting into practice the principles learned in the personal finance kit.


  • Mortgage Payment on $150,000 mortgage
  • Debt on 3 credit cards totalling $15,400
  • Making 3% monthly contribution to 401k with company matching 3%
  • No additional IRA
  • No money saved towards education for their children
  • No budget set up - little if any money left at end of month
  • Life insurance through work at 2 times salary for both Bob and Sarah. Additional small Whole Life policy on each of them.
  • No emergency fund or savings

With this current plan, Bob and Sarah,

  • would pay almost $154,000 in interest on their mortage and credit cards,
  • would be broke 11 years into retirement,
  • are severely under-insured when it comes to life insurance, and
  • do not have any money set aside for education for their children

Bob and Sarah were willing to take the challenge and implement the step-by-step financial plan found in the personal finance kit. Here are some of the steps they took to get on the right track financially.

  • Consolidated their debt into new first mortgage
  • Opened IRA with monthly contribution
  • Opened 529 plan for both children to help pay for their education
  • Cashed in Whole Life policy and obtained additional term insurance policy
  • Living on budget and using several additional savings techniques

Following the step-by-step principles, Bob and Sarah now,

  • will save over $90,000 in interest over their previous plan
  • will pay off their mortgage 7 years sooner
  • have a retirement plan in place that will allow them to retire comfortably
  • are putting money away towards their children's education
  • are saving an additional $300/month using budget/savings techniques suggested in the kit
  • have a term life insurance policy giving they the coverage they need
  • are contributing $150/month to a savings account for their emergency fund

And I have saved the best for last. Bob and Sarah were able to make all these changes without spending any more money per month than before the plan!

As you can see, Bob and Sarah are in a much better place financially after their personal finance makeover. Because every family is at a different place financially and has different needs and goals, this personal finance kit will allow you to customize your own Personal Financial Plan to fit your family.

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